What Services can we offer?

C&C Metal Preparation's main service is media blasting - This process uses pressurised air set at a suitable pressure to prepare and clean the surface.

To assist in the cleaning either fine, medium or coarse grades of media is used. All grades are environmentally friendly.

Grit Blasting

Is used for;

  • Surface preparation before painting.
  • Preparation before applying new spray coatings.
  • Removal of rust, scale or existing coatings.

Our expertise in specialist grit blasting services has been established in Surrey. We have a number of specialist services including Surface Preparation, Grit Blasting and Metal Polishng.

C&C Metal Preparation offers services to both private customers and commercial, industrial and construction clients. For more information on our services contact us today.


About C&C Metal Preparation

C&C Metal Preparation

We are part of Custom and Commercial, who have expanded the parts restoration business to allow us to offer blasting of anything and everything from garden gates right up to complete car body shells. Based in Great Bookham Surrey, we will work on any project large or small.

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Recent Projects

  • Recent Work

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